The things on the ground and above eye level are often missed. I always take an extra glance.

Lesser purple fringed orchid, eucalyptus macrohyncha

160 Milkweed Pods burst

132 Purple Cornflowers
(Echinacea Purpurea)

Working Bee Detail

061 Gold leaf boat

163 Spring Hostas unfurling

044 Spruce, snow and ice drop

107 Three thistles

039 Spider web drops

105 Raindrops on red tulip top

161 Snow  Crystals

001 Raindrops on birch leaf

103 Pink tulip after rain

075 Tall Meadow Rue Pink

016 Old man's beard, Lichen

086 Gold leaf on blue water reflection

017 Standing mushrooms

110 Three black berries

045 White bougainvilleas

088 Bee in clover (close-up, center)

090 Pickerel weed and insect

064 Bee in clover - Left lateral

011 Water lily - Translucent petals

166 Subtle Hydrangea

Viper's bugloss / blueweed

Three mushrooms on wood

The silvery blue

Witches hat

In dew time

Echinacea purpurea

162 Colts foot (Tussilago farfara)

Yellow tulip

Pink wild roses

Geranium iberivum

Snail on rock

Moss sprouts

Tied up in knots

Apple blossom


Chicory 2

Honey suckle

Lance-leaved Coreopsis

Mushroom Light

Moccasin flower

Musk mallow

Orange hawkweed

Pine needles in the sun

... and the Lilac tree for joy in spring

Thistle fireworks

A little colour in some dark times

Essential worker

A brief light moment

037 Old man's beard on tree

Saturated Apple Blossom

Daisy days of summer

Bee on button Snakeroot. Snakeroot is a native plant initially believed to cure snake bites. It attracts pollinators. What a toxic beauty!

Mushroom 1

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