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Artists in Montreal

Theme: Summer Day Dreams

Summer Show July 19-24, 2024

Vernissage: July 19, 1600-1900

BOA Art Gallery

263 rue de la Commune est, Montreal

Nearest Metros - Champs de Mars and Place d'Armes

Visit www.artistsinmontreal.com/s

The Montreal Children’s Hospital Mural Mosaic

To be unveiled in Spring, 2024

My painting is called "Rabbit Friend", tile 130 in the upper right hand edge of the mosaic. See link for work in progress.


Since opening its new facility, The Montreal Children’s Hospital has been looking for a work of art to welcome the diverse people of all ages and cultures who enter its doors. The upcoming mural by artist Lewis Lavoie and produced by Mural Mosaic will be that piece…

I'm honored to have a tile of my artwork included in this mural mosaic that will touch hearts for generations to come.

This future Montreal landmark will be made possible thanks to the generous donation of Claude Bigras and Andrée Lafleur.