Stroller parking

041 Butterfly on Hydrangea

Shapes, lights and directions

127 Orange Skylight with Cedars

056 Bubbling Stream one rock

071 Sun shining through autumn leaves

051 Sun on the church bell

070 Man walking path between spruces

035 Harvest moon

053 Winter berry leaves (fall)

079 View from the cottage dock

Mount Royal Cemetary gatehouse

Sunlight through Hydrangea branches


Afternoon light on a dormer window

Branched web

Red leaves, red roof

Brown-eyed Susan and spider web

Spruce tree trunk in the spring sun

Back yard stream in autumn

Autumn gold trail

Autumn light in Laurel Lane

Autumn sun-kissed leaves

097 Sylvie's fire escape in winter

158 Daisies and St John's Wort
at roadside

095 Montreal park in January

098 Snow-covered bike in Montreal

157 Three autumn birches
with background

133 Autumn Maple Tree lined path

First snowfall enjoyed by man and beast

077 Rushing water with autumn leaves

063 Lac des Seize Iles boathouse

153 Autumn Maple Leaves
and Blue Sky

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