Some of the places I have visited with fellow artists include: Spain, Costa-Rica, Provence, Paris, Cambodia and Vietnam, Sicily.

If you would like to examine a painting more closely, click on it, and magnify it if you wish.

Prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include applicable taxes, custom duties or shipping.

Protecting others
Digital $18

Window shutters in Provence
Digital $18

Water lilies in Provence
Digital $18

Digital $18

099 Staircase in Erice, Sicily, Pink building
5x7" matted and framed 8x10" $90

Digital $18

Digital $18

Cactus flower in Provence
Digital $18

Lotus flower in Cambodia
108a 10x8" Mounted on black foam core 14x12" $35
108b 7x5" mounted 10x8" and framed 13x11" $117

Orange tree in Sicily
Digital $18

082 Staircase in Sicily - Blue castle
8x10" mounted and matted 12x14" $50

040 Mount Etna flowers (Retama)
10x8" mounted and matted 20x16" $75

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